Superior/Deister Portable Plant

Portable Screen



Screening Plant with Deister 7’ x 20’ Triple Deck Horizontal Screen


Carrier chassis

Main frame constructed of wide flange structural steel beams

Tandem axle with (8) 11x22.5 radial tires

  complete air brake system

  mudflaps on rear axle

Travel lights with brake and directional signals

Fifth wheel hitch

(4) fixed, structural steel cribbing legs

Common Grease points - 1-2 locations to grease entire plant


Deister 7203 Horizontal Vibrating Screen

Installation only for a Deister 7x20 3 deck, all pertinent items and components including:

  adjustable motor base, motor sheave, screen sheave, v-belts, drive guard

  50 HP TEFC, 1200 RPM, 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hz, screen drive motor

  screen subframe

  Screen is installed to operate in the horizontal position

  Right hand drive


Screen discharge chutes

Roll away chute

Constructed of 1/4" Mild Steel with 1/4" AR liners

Top deck chute discharges over the kingpin end of the chassis, cross conveyor, 25% Blending gates

Middle deck chute discharges onto middle deck chute angled to ditch side

Bottom deck chutes discharges onto bottom deck cross conveyor or discharges onto fines conveyor, 25% blending gates

AR liners on both sides of blending gates


Fines hopper

3/8" AR Construction with conveyor belt lining, adjustable rubber flashing full length




(1) 24" wide x 11' long reversing cross conveyors

Structural steel channel main frame

Mounted on rollers to manually move to discharge from either side of chassis

Receive oversize material from respective middle and bottom decks

Class II head end drive

7.5 HP motor, v-belt drive with drive guard

Dodge shaft mount reducer

Head pulley - 10" diameter drum, crown face, 3/8" diamond lagging

Tail pulley - 10" diameter wing pulley

Shafts - turned and polished

Dodge bearings

Manual screw take-ups

Carry idlers - C5, 20 degrees trough, channel mount, spaced 26" OC

Belting - 2 ply, 3/16" x 1/16" 220 PIW

Belt splice - vulcanized

Primary belt scraper - Exterra® Belt Cleaner


60" x 29' fines conveyor (Horizontal)

Structural steel channel main frame

Capable of accepting a reject conveyor

Class II head end drive

15 HP motor, v-belt drive

Dodge shaft mount reducer

Head pulley - 12" diameter drum, crown face, 3/8" herringbone lagging

Tail pulley - 12" diameter Chevron® wing pulley

Shafts - turned and polished

Dodge bearings

Manual screw take-ups

Carry idlers - C5, 20 degrees picking, channel mount, spaced approximately 27" OC

Return idlers - C5, flat rolls, spaced 10' OC

Belting - 2 ply, 3/16" x 1/16" 220 PIW

Belt splice - vulcanized

Primary belt scraper - Exterra® Belt Cleaner



3/16" diamond tread plate along both sides and feed end of screen

Hydraulic folding walkway on non-drive side

Includes toe board, and two-rail handrail, bolt on

Walkway access on both sides of the chassis with steep angle stair access

Drain holes




Hydraulic "lift-only" leveling jacks

(4) 6" x 16" hydraulic cylinders

(4) manual lever valves; (1) for each cylinder

9HP Honda Motor gasoline over hydraulic, enclosed cabinet


Overhead Safety tie off

Safety tie off over plant for workers to tie off when working on screen

Folds down for transport


Cribbing Storage

Hinged storage compartment

Holds drive guard, screen cloth, cribbing materials, etc.


Electrical control panel

Not included



Required power is 480 v/ 3 ph / 60 hz

Control panel and wiring are not included



Price includes standard guarding

Customer is responsible to have guarding inspected



(1) coat primer; (1) finish coat enamel available in the following colors:

  Superior Orange, Superior Beige, Superior White, Superior Sandstone


Owner's manual

(1) copy included for operation and maintenance



Deister Model TFM3P-3720, triple deck, 7' x 20' Deister Triple-shafted Heavy Duty Horizontal Vibrating Screen, LESS steel wire screen cloth, but INCLUDING:


Screen Vibrating Frame

  • Trunnion type spring support mounts on each corner, baked epoxy coated support springs
  • Snubbers (friction checks) - spring loaded
  • 1/4" thick HSLA steel sideplates formed along the top and bottom, with 5/16" thick formed HSLA steel reinforcing plates bolted to sideplates between bearing housing and sideplates
  • Access ports with cover plates in the sideplates
  • Removable back plates, rubber flap and steel combination
  • Screen media support panel configuration

o   All decks - Screen cloth support panels constructed of fabricated I-beams welded to formed angles bolted to the sideplates

  • 4" long discharge lips protected by 1/4" thick AR steel replaceable wear plates
  • Tension plates (skirtboards)
  • Deister heavy duty tension screen cloth tensioning devices
  • Feed box with 1/4" AR steel replaceable wear plate in the bottom


Eccentric Mechanism

  • The triple-shafted “gear-type” vibrating mechanism is located between the middle and bottom decks and equipped with 120 mm. spherical roller vibrating screen bearings
  • Steel-flanged vibrating mechanism tubes bolted to the sideplates
  • Oil fill and drain plugs and the oil level gauges located on the outside surface of the vibrating mechanism end covers plate
  • Deister “slingermist” oil bath lubrication system, with labyrinth type dust and oil seals requiring approximately 3-1/2 gallons of oil in the vibrating mechanism end covers acting as the oil reservoir and requiring only oil changes every 500 hours
  • Each vibrating mechanism tube is protected by a 3/8" thick steel-backed rubber shield tack welded to the tube
  • Eccentric shafts with adjustable weights for stroke adjustment
  • Bronze sleeve between bearing and shaft


Drive System

  • Deister heavy duty rubber torsion pivoted motor base, less motor support
  • Wideband V-belt, and motor sheave
  • Belt guard, less mounting brackets


Screen Parameters

  • Screen is horizontal
  • Approximate operating speed: 790 RPM
  • Approximate stroke setting: 11/16"


Included Screen Options

  • Snubber guards
  • Rubber wrapped spring guards
  • 50 HP motor


Available165872003676New$243,935$12,5007' x 20'